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History of the Moroccan Leather Pouf

The Moroccan Leather Pouf has a history that dates back to the Ottoman Empire! From the 13th century to today, this timeless product has been used in homes as a casual seating arrangement.

Handcrafted by artisans, these poufs are made from high-quality leather and are made to last with every detail gone over by hand.

Moroccan leather, historically, is a large portion of the leather industry. Some of the methods used today date back to the Ancient Romans. This industry has a long-standing history.

 One of the most prevalent tanning industries lies within the Moroccan city of Fez. These tanneries are bustling, with each person having a different job in the lineup. It is not unusual to be able to witness these activities taking place when visiting Fez. The spectacle alone can be fabulous.

The leather used in Moroccan Leather Poufs are typically goat leather, with sheep, cow, and camel leather also being an option. All of the leather used is buttery and rich in color. The high-quality leather is what sets poufs apart from other furniture available. 

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